Vladimir Putin apocalypse

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed during his last interview with US director Oliver Stone that a nuclear war between the US and Russia will destroy everything.

The director also asked the Kremlin leader who would survive the outbreak of a direct war between the US and Russia and Putin’s response was labeled by Stone as one of the most ‘apocalyptic’ things ever:

‘Nobody would survive such a conflict’, replied the Russian president.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin tried to alleviate the situation by stating ‘there is always hope when it comes to improving the ties between Washington and Moscow’.

However, after he affirmed all of the above, he ruined the entire interview by replying: ‘There is always hope, until they are ready to lead everyone to the cemetery and bury us.’

The Russian President invited Oliver Stone to show him a command room equipped with the latest technologies used by Russians in Syria.

Putin took advantage of the occasion to show Stone a live broadcast with the work of the Syrian combat aircraft on his smartphone.

Vladimir Putin has also criticized NATO’s anti-missile shields from Eastern Europe.

“Once a country joins NATO, it is hard for it to resist against the pressure from the United States.

And he suddenly accepts the installation of weapons systems, a missile system, new military bases and offensive systems”, the Moscow leader explained.