Gal Gadot Miss Israel

Gal Gadot is definitely the actress of the moment considering Wonder Woman is still a major worldwide box office hit

The stunning brunette who portrays the role of Diana Prince, a fearless heroine raised by the Amazons of Themyscira, was born in Petah Tikva Israel and her name means ‘wave’ in Hebrew.

Before she became this Hollywood A-lister, the 32-year-old stunner studied law and political science at the IDC Herzliya University, so besides the fact that she is talented, Gal is also smart.

Shortly after she turned 20, Chris Pine’s colleague joined the Israeli Defense Forces for the next two years.

However, only a few know that Gal was also a successful model and a beauty queen

At the age of just 18, Gal Gadot was crowned as the new Miss Israel.

After spending a big part of her life in the modeling industry, Gal realized that she wants to become an actress and one of her first auditions was the one for Quantum of Solace.

At that time, the Bond girl role was snatched by Olga Kurylenko but Gal was noticed by a big time producer who included the brunette in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Gal Gadot married Israeli businessman Yaron Versano in 2008 and together they have two children.

Gal was actually five months pregnant during the production of Wonder Woman, which was why the producers were forced to hide her prominent tummy in the post-production process of the movie.