Ilya Sidorov Blue Whale

Ilya Sidorov or the twisted mind who created the Blue Whale was arrested the other day in Moscow

According to The Telegraph, Ilya Sidorov is 26-year-old and during the time when he is not pushing teenagers to commit suicide, he works as a postman.

The Russian postal delivery worker confessed everything to the authorities, adding that he is, in fact, remorseful.

Ilya Sidorov was handcuffed by the officers in front of his place from Chelyabinsk and during the interrogation, he explained every single detail of how he managed to convince that 13-year-old girl to throw herself in front of a subway as the final stage of the game.

Last month, another 14-year-old teenage girl was rushed to the hospital because he attempted to kill herself while she was playing Blue Whale.

Another alleged ‘administrator’ of the macabre game, Philipp Budeikin, is also in the custody after he tried to pursue 16 children to commit suicide.

Budeikin told the investigators his victims were ‘human waste’ and the process of ‘cleaning up the society’ had begun.

It’s not yet clear whether there is a link between Ilya Sidorov and Philipp Budeikin.