Preet Bharara

The former US attorney in Manhattan says he was fired by President Trump because he refused to answer to his calls

Preet Bharara was fired in March along with a dozen of prosecutors named by President Obama during his second term.

The Indian attorney revealed for ABC News that Donald Trump was constantly harassing him with his persistent phone call because, according to Preet, the president was struggling to “cultivate some kind of relationship” with him.

According to the successful lawyer, he was deemed to sign his resignation papers days after he refused to take Donald Trump’s third call.

“The number of times that President Obama called me in seven and a half years was zero,” Bharara said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“The number of times I would have expected to be called by the President of the United States would be zero because there has to be some kind of arm’s length relationship given the jurisdiction that various people had.”

Bharara gave the controversial interview less than a week after former FBI director James Comey was heard by the Senate.

The former FBI director pointed his finger towards President Trump, who according to him, asked for his loyalty during a state dinner after he was invested as president.

Obviously, the president denied all the accusations and named Comey ‘a friend and former colleague of Bharara’ and ‘a coward’ for disclosing a private conversation.