smartphone addiction

The fact that smartphones are addictive is not exactly a surprise

However, when it comes to children and teenagers the problem is even worse because these age groups are way more vulnerable than adults when it comes to the addiction for smartphones.

The side effects of such an addiction have been confirmed by a British expert during an education conference held a few days ago.

Mandy Saligari is a therapist at Harley Street Detox Clinic in London and according to her apps such as Instagram or Snapchat is as harmful as the addiction to alcohol or drugs.

“I always tell people when you give a baby a tablet or phone you actually give her a bottle of wine or a gram of cocaine.”

The very serious statements have been confirmed by many mental health experts from the Highgate Junior School in London.

To strengthen her theory, Mandy Saligari came up with some terrifying arguments from her therapist experience.

She mentioned that several young girls who seek help believe that sending pictures of you naked to another person is completely normal and casual.

This ‘gesture’ becomes a real problem only when a teacher or a parent finds out because the concepts of intimacy or safety are not taken into account by young smartphone users.

“Why do we offer so little attention to this stuff than we do when it comes to drugs and alcohol, considering that it works on the same nerve impulses?”

Finally, Saligari’s conclusion is that parents don’t adopt any measures in order to treat or prevent the smartphone addiction in children.