A court from Romanian city of Iasi was put in the position of judging the weirdest case so far

The Romanian judges were stunned when they realized a married woman sued her husband’s mistress and demanded moral damages because she ‘stole’ her man.

The magistrates from Iasi stated the wife initiated the lawsuit after the extra-marital relationship has ended.

Because the local judges told her that she cannot sue someone for that reason, the woman decided to take her case to Iasi’s Court of Appeal, which will have the final say.

The Romanian asked $12.000, from which half represent the moral damage caused by her husband’s mistress: her tarnished honor, her dignity and also her destroyed reputation.

The rest of the money will ‘cover’ the suffering caused by the defendant’s defying attitude.

According to the local press, the woman is still married with the doctor and together they have two children.

Apparently, their relationship was quite normal and, during their marriage, she was a full-time mother.