Queen purse

Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain is lucky that she never has to keep her keys in the purse

And we bet she never walks through the house, actually in the palace, looking for the cell phone because she does not know where she left it.

So, an inevitable question arises: ‘What is the Queen keeping in her Launer handbags?’

The answer was offered by British biographer Sally Bedell Smith, who said the British sovereign always carries a lipstick, a mirror, a banknote or two or five or ten pounds, money that she donates to church on Sunday.

Another purpose of carrying her purse everywhere is using the fashion accessory as a tool to send signals to her staff or to her security guards.

“It would be very worrying to see the Queen carrying her handbag from one hand to another”, explains Royal biographer Hugo Vickers.

Apparently, this is a clear signal that Queen Elizabeth II uses wants to end the conversation in which she is involved.

The Queen’s remarkable life

Queen Elizabeth the II adapted remarkably during her reign, in which she encountered no less than 13 Prime Ministers, since Winston Churchill to David Cameron.

She greeted 12 American presidents, thousands of kings, state leaders, prime ministers and other diplomats.

Many experts believe she saved the monarchy, managing public scandals generated by her own children.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philipp have four children together. Three of them experienced traumatic divorces.

The discretion and modesty are the Queen’s characteristics.