The impressive stunt above the Niagara Falls was accomplished by the wife of one of the most talented and appreciated stuntmen in the industry.

Erendira Wallenda literally flew above the falls for almost eight minutes at a height of 91 meters above the tumultuous water.

However, the most impressive part of the entire is the fact that she was holding the rope attached to a helicopter with her teeth.

The 36-year-old mother of three managed to break her husband’s record

In 2011, Nik Wallenda accomplished the exact same stunt at a height of 23 meters in Missouri.

Now, six years later, Erendira fill her husband’s shoes and managed to accomplish the same stunt in a way more dangerous environment.

While she was hanging by a rope, the woman started doing acrobatics over the waterfall.

Using a circle, attached by the helicopters with two chains, the woman made several acrobatic moves. Then, she held the rope only with her teeth.

She has been watched by dozens of people, and in order to avoid the distractions, she listened to music in her headphones.

The woman received the approval to do this stunt with the condition of wearing a safety harness.