Steve Jobs iPhone

When it comes to some of the world’s brightest minds and their innovative ideas, we have nothing but admiration

One of these geniuses is Steve Jobs and the history.

However, only a few the legendary Steve Jobs was close enough to “ruin” the company’s most iconic and successful products.

At one point, we all questioned how the brilliant minds came up with innovative ideas that have the power to change the major social world without realizing the difficulties they came across during the creative process.

It seems that Steve Jobs’s initial desire was to produce an iPhone that was striking in terms of shape and function, just like the iPod.

Jobs wanted to invent a device that offers limited and unsatisfactory experience in order for the buyers to obtain a better version of the classical iPod, writes Ars Technica.

Although this was his initial strategy, the company decided not to “destroy” the iPod’s fame, because it was very well seen on the market.

Ironically, the iPod will be somehow integrated into the world’s most known smartphone.

But long before this was happening, Steve Jobs was keen to use the click wheel as a navigation tool for the first Apple phone, considering it was superior to other types of design, instead of considering a touchscreen system.

The reason why the company has given up this bold idea is that the click wheel has proven to be an inadequate tool for many of the functions a phone has to perform.

Finally, Jobs gave in and accepted the touchscreen design that would define the smartphones in the years to come, including iPhone 8, where rumors claim to have a larger screen than previous models.