WannaCry North Korea

Because it is very difficult to identify the real creators of a virus like WannaCry, it’s been several weeks before the British secret services pointed its fingers towards North Korea

According to a report published a few days ago by ZDNet, the British secret services have discovered, following a thorough analysis, that behind the WannaCry attack was a group of hackers protected by the North Korean government.

In a very short time, that malware infected 300.000 systems across the globe.

European countries became the most exposed, but major problems were also reported across the United States, Russia or China.

The weird part is that no group of hackers came out of the box to claim the WannaCry mission.

Sources from London have confirmed for ZDNet that there is a clear link between WannaCry and North Korea.

Asked directly if they can confirm or disavow this information, NCSC officials refused to respond.

Aside from this information, experts from the National Cyber Security Center in the UK seem to have obtained a series of information pinpointing an obvious link between the Lazarus Group and the dangerous ransomware.

Unlike Americans, however, the British were very reluctant to publish an official report regarding this breakthrough.

Another intriguing aspect of the entire propaganda is the reason behind the effort, which according to the global organizations, is not very obvious.

According to a study published shortly after the outbreak of the infection, hackers have not even managed to gain too much money from this madness with global repercussions.