Carla Bruni Donald Trump

Former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni was more candid than ever during her most recent interview.

Besides the fact she clarified the rumors related to her ‘fling’ with US President Donald Trump, Carla also approached the ‘Melania Trump nudes’ subject.

Bruni, a former First Lady, singer and songwriter, married in 2008 with former French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

However, the story that always sparked interest and has been shrouded in mystery was the one between Carla Bruni and Donald Trump.

That particular ‘story’ was related to one aspect, which, according to Carla, it’s, in fact, a lie: the fact that in 1991 Donald left his ex-wife, Marla Maples, for her.

Apparently, Trump tried to gain some TV time on her back and, at one point, he kind of invented this story.

In 1991, long before Sarkozy and Trump entered politics, Carla told Daily Mail that Trump was “clearly a madman” and she is “deeply embarrassed” by his attempt to associate his name with her.

“The whole situation was very vague and simply did not exist. So I was very surprised when it was published in the press, “she said, claiming that Trump lied from the beginning.

Besides, before marrying Sarkozy, Bruni was also a renowned model with a lot of fans, just like Melania Trump.

For this very reason, Carla said that her independence and her relaxed attitude triggered this media scandal when all the tabloids started publishing photos of her naked also took pictures of her naked and outrageous rumors.

Melania experienced the same situation but Carla’s nude scandal could not be compared to Melania Trump’s, whose nude photos appeared in the New York Pos.

“I was always thin and I had this childish look, so the pictures with me naked have never been worthy of a magazine like Playboy. Melania’s nudes were artistic and made by professional photographers.”, added Carla.