The Cyborg Revolution is near and a new technology has the power to change the human experience by offering you a series of unusual and unthinkable skills

Rob Spence, a documentary producer has the most atypical prosthetic eye which also ‘acts’ like a digital recording device.

After suffering the most tragic accident in his childhood the doctors decided to replace Rob’s eye with something that has more ‘swag’ than the typical prosthetic eye.

As a result, Spence contacted an independent engineer who helped him build his own wireless camera, attached behind the prosthetic.

The equipment used to create this cyborg technology, which reminds us of the Terminator, includes components like a micro transmitter, a battery, a miniature camera and a magnetic switch meant to shut down or activating the camera.

Besides, there is a circuit that sends, with the help of a receiver, all the data recorded by the camera, wherever the holder decides, writes Live Science.

Currently, the camera is not connected to his brain or to his optical nerves, and that’s exactly why we cannot call Rob Spence a cyborg.

The camera can record over 30 minutes before it requires recharging.

In addition to the equipment described above, we can also find a red LED light that warns everybody when they are being recorded.

Spence is not the first ‘cyborg’ of our era

Artist Neil Harbisson, who suffers from acromatophysis (an eye disorder characterized by the individual’s inability to differentiate colors), is able to experience every single color at this extraordinary, way above the spectrum of ordinary human perception, thanks to the special electronic eye that helps to perceive colors as sound waves.