Kim Jong-Un murder

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is “extremely panicked” because he believes, someone is planning to murder him anytime soon, reported South Korea’s national press agency.

The Supreme Leader is afraid of becoming the target of an armed attack, which will probably take place during one of his state trips.

However, another ‘option’ to consider is the one related to an air strike, says Kim Jong-Un.

“Kim has this obsession of collecting information related to some decapitation operations. Most information is being obtained through his intelligence services”, revealed a South Korean official.

For this particular reason, the leader of the Pyongyang regime prefers to travel in the morning before sunrise and to switch numerous cars.

Kim Jong-un’s alert status has intensified after more information related to secret unit designated by the US and South Korea has arrived in North Korea.

In May, the government of Pyongyang claimed the CIA is preparing a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un with the help of some corrupt North Korean citizens, who in the past, attempted to kill him with a chemical substance.