September will mark the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone

Considered at that time a revolutionary phone, the original iPhone triggered this “smart” revolution.

Steve Jobs was the architect of the phenomenon helping Apple to regain its former glory.

Scott Forstall, one of Apple’s senior employees, chief of the Californian giant software division, said the first iPhone was a personal ambition of Steve Jobs.

The Apple co-founder wanted to prove to the world that the upcoming touchscreen phones would not include styluses.

He was so obsessed with building a phone whose screen could only be used with the touch of a finger that he actually transformed the project into a priority.

Forstall also said that Jobs hated one of the directors from Microsoft because he was still trying to convince everybody they need to use a stylus.

The rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates was well-known and the two companies already had this tensioned relationship.

Apple and Microsoft have been battling since the 1980’s for the supremacy of the tech market.

In addition, Jobs wanted to change the way people were interacting with tablets at the time.

Initially, Apple’s former CEO wanted to launch the iPad but when he saw how well it worked he ordered designers to cut the device to the size of a phone.

This is how the first iPhone was born, notes

During its tumultuous history, Apple has been close to bankruptcy on several times.