The #Givecredit campaign has the main purpose of forcing the world’s most notorious fashion houses to give credit to Romanian folk artists

The house of Dior used as the inspiration source for their latest collection the traditional Romanian port, especially the one created hundreds of years ago in the Romanian region of Bucovina.

According to a Facebook page entitled La Blouse Roumaine, a Dior vest from the 2017 fall collection is kind of copied from the traditional Romanian costumes.

Although the people who commented on the page have not been able to find an identical photo, the embroidery showcases an outstanding resemblance between the two pieces – an eloquent proof the Bukovina vests are in fact the foundation for Dior’s latest collection.

Starting from the colors used for the handmade embroidery, the combination of green, lilac and red, the shape of the flowers, the size of the pockets and the way the fur is applied on the edges, everything is inspired by these Romanian unique pieces, that don’t even cost thousands of dollars as is the case of Dior.

The new post, entitled ‘Dior vs. Bucovina’ quickly became viral on Facebook

This is the third case when clothes made by international fashion labels use as their main source of inspiration traditional Romanian costumes without offering them any credit.

Last week it was discovered Dior copied a Romanian waistcoat

The ‘unique’ piece included in the 2017 fall collection 2017 looks strikingly like the one worn by a peasant traditional peasant from the Bihor County.