Mariah Carey weight

The diva ditched the raunchy photos from her social media pages and we couldn’t figure why

The mystery is solved now after Mariah was spotted in Barcelona holding hands with her new beau.

Used to her raunchy shots and her revealing outfits that failed to leave anything to the imagination, Mariah’s last appearance was a little bit shocking.

Most of her fans failed to recognize the singer when they saw the pictures

Besides the fact she was wearing a ‘normal’ outfit and not a piece of lingerie in the middle of the day, Mariah’s curves also suffered dramatic changes.

The 47-year-old mom of two gained weight and the outfit was not making her any justice.

Mariah sported a pair of black leggings, high heels, and a loose animal print sarong.

Mariah Carey: From Diva to Disaster

During the 90’s, she was the literal embodiment of pure refinement and elegance

We all used to love her and consider her a worthy role model for all the teenage girls out there.

She certainly was one of the most famous and popular divas of all times, but now she is the exact opposite of this description.

Mariah became a literal joke

From one of the most powerful and respectable idols from the music industry, Mariah has now become this raunchy and ungainly character, that everyone laughs about.

Shiny lips, raunchy outfits that resemble more with intimates than real clothes, car crashes and relationship fails – these are the features that characterize Mariah Carey now.