Diana and Charles

Prince Harry’s birth marked a turning point in the story of Charles and Diana, according to the Princess of Wales’ testimony.

During a meeting with the Royal House biographer, Andrew Morton, the princess spoke freely about the pleasant and less pleasant feelings Diana’s second pregnancy has brought.

The author included transcripts from their conversation into his new book about Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s weird connection.

According to biographer Andrew Morton, Harry’s birth on September 15, 1984 symbolized the beginning of an irreparable rift.

Diana told Morton that she knew the child’s sex before she gave birth to Harry, but she chose to not tell anything to her husband because he was hoping Diana’s would give birth to a daughter.

Considering that in 2015, Prince Charles himself told during an interview that he always wanted a daughter, we tend to believe Diana’s confessions were entitled.

“Charles and I started to connect six weeks before Harry’s birth and we were closer than we had ever been.

Then, suddenly, after Harry was born, our marriage went down the drain”, the Princess of Wales confessed.

Shortly after Harry was welcomed, Charles was totally surprised and he allegedly said: “Oh, my God, he is a boy! And he has red hair on top! “.

Fortunately, the royal couple has agreed on their children’s names

If there were two boys we wanted to call them Harry and William and the alternative were “Arthur and Albert”.