France drivers

Considering the heat wave which, literally engulfed Europe last week, the new law imposed in France targeting drivers triggered a massive protest in Macron’s state.

Apparently, drivers are no longer allowed to wear short pants during their working schedule.

Obviously, most of them found the rule ridiculous and also hard to deal with, considering the critical temperatures.

So, what’s the best way to express their discontent regarding the new law?

A protest, obviously.

According to The Guardian, the drivers from Nantes decided to dress in skirts while they were protesting at 38 degrees Celsius.

“We asked to dress in lighter clothes because the temperatures are critical, but we were also told we could not wear shorts.

And because skirts are authorized, we decided to wear them”, said Didier Sauvetre for the local newspaper Press Ocean.

His colleague, Gabriel Magner, says it’s a form of discrimination: “Women can wear skirts, but men, no”, commented the angry driver.

“Our bosses spend their time in offices with air conditioning, which is not the case in the vehicles that we drive.

To spend more than seven hours in such a vehicle, at 50 degrees Celsius, is not easy, at over 30 degrees Celsius. Management can make a plan on the heat and allow drivers to wear shorts. Once the driver’s door closes, nothing can be noticed”, added the man.

During the protest organized in Nantes, most of them wore skirts, sandals and gym socks.

However, president of Semitan transport company Pascal Bolo insists that rules are rules.