We are living in the era of technology and robots are becoming more and more performing, multiplying every single day, taking over diverse tasks.

Kuri is also part of this category.

The robot able to do almost anything by assuming the role of a housekeeper or a nanny.

Kuri is able to recognize the surroundings, people, and their faces and he is also able to differentiate a person from a pet or cats from dogs.

Moreover, he can answer questions by generating various facial expressions or making head movements.

Like many popular robots (Pepper, Pebby), his personality and ability to connect are the attributes that make him ‘special’.

Kuri has a camera of 1080p that allows you to monitor the house and your pets while you’re away.

Moreover, it has a set of hi-tech speakers and he is also equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

By activating these two features you can listen to music or read a bedtime story to your children.

The companion robot is 50 centimeters tall and has a battery life of several hours.

When the battery is over, Kuri moves to the charging place to rebuild its energy stock.

Unfortunately, Kuri is not a robot that’s available to anyone and comes at a fair price of $ 699.