Pamela Anderson will turn 50 in less than week

Despite the fact that she was labeled a ‘cougar’ by the international press, the famous Baywatch girl hooked up with a football player from the national team of France.

Last week, Pamela was spotted by the paparazzi while she was enjoying a romantic dinner in Nice with France’s defender Adil Rami.

Rami is 20 years younger than her but the former Playboy cover girl doesn’t seem to be bothered by the massive age gap.

Allegedly, the fresh couple would have met through a common friend and during the last two months, Rami commuted between US and France just to spend time with his new girl.

The rumors regarding their relationships are kind of incredible, considering that Pamela and founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange admitted they share a ‘special relationship’.

Last week, Anderson made an appeal to all world leaders and asked them, in an open letter, to release the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, reported Sky News.

Former Baywatch star mentioned in her letter that there is no reason for Assange to be ‘captive in a small room’, considering that Sweden has dropped charges against him.

Assange lives at the London Equatorial Embassy for nearly five years, asking for asylum, fearing he will be extradited to Sweden and arrested for a series of accusations that he has denied with every single occasion.

Pamela Anderson’s letter includes another outrageous affirmation which pretty much suggests Theresa May is “the worst prime minister in history” and praises Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.