The strategy of launching certain gadget only in certain countries represents a frequent strategy for the world’s most known smartphone producers.

Apparently, these decisions are being motivated by complex market studies that confirm the reluctance of other countries to certain products.

Another reason could be the inability of a manufacturer to create enough devices to fulfill a significant demand coming from multiple countries on a short notice.

The new flip phone was already announced by Samsung in South Korea

The gadget illustrated in the images has a top-notch design, an attractive look and is available in two shades: black and pink.

Entitled by the South Korean giant Samsung Folder Flip 2, the gadget is very similar visually to the first flip phone launched by Samsung many years ago.

In fact, the product looks really good with the Motorola’s old RAZR and this detail may be enough to generate some impulse purchases.


The new Samsung Folder Flip 2 runs Android Nook, has a 3.8-inch display, and hides a combination of a 1.4 GHz quad core, 2GB of RAM and a 1950mAh battery.

There will be mobile versions with both LTE and 3G to operate on the networks of a large number of telephony operators.

The starting price is 230 euros.

We can only hope that Samsung will decide at some point to bring such terminals to the European market or even to the US.