iPhone 9


Despite the fact iPhone 8’s launching date is in September, rumors related to the upcoming iPhone 9 are already swirling

The rumors were originally launched by South Korea and they were also transformed into a news by the Korea Economic Daily.

The article is mostly about a partnership between LG and Apple.

Apparently, LG Innotek is gearing up its production lines to help Apple with the flexible printed circuit boards for the upcoming iPhone 9.

The large-scale production of printed circuit boards will be initiated in 2018, so we could expect an official launch in the exact same year, depending, writes ubergizmo.com.

Flexible integrated circuits are a crucial element in the creation of flexible handsets.

Even if Apple manages to come up with flexible screens, they would have no use if the internal circuits would remain rigid.

The iPhone 8 would have a bold display on the edges and looks pretty much like the Galaxy S8, giving the impression of a display without racks.

We have no idea what the iPhone 9 will look like, but we can hope for a flexible phone.

Samsung is currently working on a similar device and it is likely to be revealed this year or early in 2019.

If the rumors are true, then Apple should put its products on the move as soon as possible.