North Korea iPhone

The communist state launched its own iPhone

The device was named Jindallae 3 and hit the Pyongyang market back in March.

Although the manufacturer labeled the new smartphone as something ‘original’ and ‘extraordinary’, the similarities between Jindallae 3 and the devices included in the iPhone series are pretty obvious.

The hi-tech product was manufactured by the state-owned electronic company Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation.

However, other information related to North Korea’s most popular smartphone is limited and the only certain thing that we could find out was related to the name.

Apparently, Jindallae was named after a flower from North Korea and a series of photos was attached to the poor description.

Jindallae was officially released in March, but according to some sources, the pictures emerged a few days ago.

The North Korean iPhone comes with an app for photos, one for music, a calculator, an internet browser and a cards game, writes Daily Mail.

The communiqué issued by the North Korean tech company mentions that all the parts of the phone are made in North Korea.

The operating system and the design are also ‘Made in North Korea’.

Also, some experts in the field claim that the phone would have been made in collaboration with a company from China.