After his girlfriend committed suicide in September 2015, Jim Carrey was dragged in a massive murder case initiated by Cathriona’s grieving family.

According to some court documents, Carrey is being accused of supplying his former flame with the substances that she eventually used to kill herself.

Cathriona White was 28-years-old when she committed the horrific gesture

Unfortunately for the comedy legend, his former girlfriend left him a farewell message when she decided to administrate the overdose.

Apparently, the actor’s girlfriend previously attempted to commit suicide in 2012 after her father died.

Shortly after the news related to Cathriona’s death emerged, the actor published a message on social media, in which he expressed his shock and sadness.

The special agents who checked the Cathriona’s death scene discovered three different pills.

However, the medical containers discovered on the woman’s bedside were bought with under the name of ‘Arthur King’, a pseudonym often used by Carrey.

Now, Jim Carrey is accused of murder because his name appears on the containers, knowing that she attempted to commit suicide in the past.

Prosecutors accusing the actor claim Jim would have given Cathriona the medication three or four days before her death.