The new US ambassador to New Zealand is 57-year-old Scott Brown

Shortly after he took the office in the island-country, the press revealed the senator’s “colorful past”.

Apparently, the handsome politician worked as a male model and, at one point in his career, he even posed nude.

The controversial pictures emerged shortly after Brown was designated as the new US ambassador to New Zealand and they were published in a magazine dedicated to women.

In fact, Scott enjoyed a massive success in the 80’s and he was named by Cosmopolitan “The most Attractive Man in America”.

When the reporters asked him about those pictures, the politician played really cool about it and he said he is actually proud of that period of his life because it helped him to finance his studies.

He found the questions funny and he definitely has gained popularity points after telling the New Zealand press that he is eager to have a beer with any native speaker.

Scott Brown loves to play the guitar and he is also into triathlons.

According to Wikipedia, the new NZ ambassador graduated from Boston College Law School and until four years ago he worked with John Kerry as a senator.

The new ambassador was also the Republican nominee for United States Senate for New Hampshire in 2014.