China forest

Trees are the best solution to combat the effects of pollution so China decided to “build” its own forest

According to experts, central parks from China’s most important cities have a positive effect on the atmosphere.

The trees possess the ability to consume significant amounts of carbon dioxide and generate clean oxygen in exchange.

The process is known as photosynthesis and based on the same principle, the Chinese experts plan to combat the high level of pollution by planting trees, well… everywhere.

Although the process of planting trees in cities has become quite difficult, China is determined to build “forest towns” from scratch.

The first project of its kind is known as the Liuzhou Forest City and after its finalization, the forest city will accommodate no less than 30.000 people.

All buildings from Liuzhou will be covered in plants to reduce pollution and the entire will host a total number of one million plants.

An advanced geothermal energy system will be responsible for the city’s air conditioning and, inevitably, solar panels will generate power for the new Chinese community.

The public transport network will be exclusively electric, and a train line will connect Liuzhou Forest City to Liuzhou City.

Liuzhou Forest City will be located in the southern area of China because there are not very low temperatures throughout the year to significantly influence the vegetation development. The city will be completed in 2020, and in the end, the entire ecosystem will be able to absorb 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year, plus 57 tons of other pollutants.