NASA Anonymous

NASA clarified the rumors regarding the existence of aliens, launched by the Anonymous organization via Youtube

The video published by the hackers went viral after they “revealed” that NASA is preparing to a make historic announcement: to recognize the existence of aliens, following some recent discoveries the Space Agency allegedly have made.

NASA denied everything and insisted on the idea that there is no such evidence just yet.

“We do not know yet, but we have missions that could bring us closer to a concrete response”, clarified American researcher Thomas Zurbuchen.

The video released by Anonymous was pretty much based on some of Thomas Zurbuchen’s statements, picked up from one of his previous interviews.

NASA claims Anonymous does not possess substantial information to confirm the speculation.

Anonymous released the video shortly after Zuburchen talked about NASA’s last discovery.

The project conducted with the Kepler Space Telescope discovered the 219 celestial bodies outside the solar system.