Veles Donald Trump

35 kilometers away from the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, you will stumble upon a hometown called Veles

Although you will not find it on any map, Veles is this picturesque settlement surrounded by hills who became worldwide known last year, during the US presidential election.

Apparently, most youngsters from Veles earn their pocket money by launching fake news, meant to increase the popularity of Donald Trump on social media, writes Balkan Insight.

“Our job is simple. We use Facebook accounts as much as possible to spread news content to other Facebook users. The money you earn depends on how much traffic you have generated from ads”, revealed 22-year-old Stefan.

Stefan revealed that he is not Donald Trump’s supported and he just wanted to earn some decent money in a short notice.

“We used everything we could find in connection with Trump and clickbait potential” the young man explains, adding that during the election, he had earned 1.000 euros per month.

Unfortunately, in May Stefan’s luck disappeared because Facebook suspended all his accounts for violating some terms and conditions.

“I knew this time would come and I was ready,” Stefan says.