Jewish Iasi

The German government might end up paying some eye-popping compensations for the killing of over ten thousand Jews established in the Romanian county of Iasi, in 1941.

The reporters from NBC filmed in the capital of Moldova a story about the Holocaust and collected tumultuous testimonies from the survivors.

“I do not know where my father’s bones are buried”, revealed George Herşcu, the son of a murdered Jew.

“My days are a hell right now”, says Berta Herşcovici, whose entire family was slaughtered by Hitler’s army.

The pain of these people, the ancestors of the massacred Jew community from Iasi, ​​cannot be alleviated despite nearly eight decades have passed.

Romania was on Germany’s side when merciless General Ion Antonescu gave the order: all the Jews must vanish.

Official data shows that in three days more than 13.000 members of the Jewish confession have died.

Reporters of the US NBC television spoke in the United States with the relatives of the Jews murdered in Romania.

“They got him in the train wagons, closed the doors and left them there, without water, without food, in the heat … He (his father) went mad and died”, confessed George Herşcu.

Until now, the German government paid compensation only to Jews who were held in ghettos or concentration camps.

“The German government acknowledges that the death of nearly 3.000 Jews from those rails was a war crime. But we don’t agree with the theory that he should compensate the survivors”, says NBC journalist Bill Neely.

The situation might take a different turn now, claim the US reporters.

A commission of the German government will initiate the official discussions with representatives of the Jewish community in Iasi.

Over the last 65 years, Germany has paid over $70 billion in damages for Nazi crimes.