The chatbot concept was not invented today or yesterday, but these past months things have started to evolve and these virtual conversational partners are becoming more and more useful.

Chatbots were invented a decade ago or so, but in 2006 instead of trying to improve or at least test the waters when it came to these little fellows we chose to treat them with skepticism.

Today, chatbots are everywhere especially on our smartphones

Virtual Assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby work with an integrated chatbot, whom you can chat with about so many things or you can even hand him a task.

Furthermore, they have become great conversational partners who are also able to make jokes.

Although it might become hard to believe, the first chatbot was launched in 1966, following a two-year development experiment conducted by the MIT researchers.

The conversational partner was named ELIZA and, at that time, it was the first of its kind to pass a Turing test.

Still, the conversations with ELIZA were not the most fluent but its creators were determined to transform their friend into a massive thing.

Currently, we are witnessing how the artificial intelligence concept is being included in an incredible range of products and services, just to make our lives easier.

According to experts, neither the chatters will “escape” from the Artificial Intelligence domination.