Nyadak Thot Barbie

Nyadak Thot is 21-years-old and she was born in South Sudan

The model was only 17 when she made the final cut at Australia’s Next Top Model, mostly because the organizers were stunned by her doll-like appearance.

Shortly after she realized that her unique appearance might transform her into one of the world’s most coveted super models, Nyadak Thot started to adopt the same posture as the famous Barbie doll in the pictures she would take for her social media accounts.

After only a few hours, those images would become viral and people invaded her page with questions like “are you even human?” or “you look exactly like a Barbie doll”.

“I don’t believe she’s real until I see her in flesh”, says one her followers, stunned by Nyadak’s doll-like physique.

“I thought it was a Barbie”, added another user.

The young woman grew up in Australia and she was quickly spotted in the fashion world.