presidents sculptures

The incredible sculptures were squashed, broken and stained with bird feces because they were abandoned on a field in Williamsburg more than 13 years ago.

Reach bust weighs around nine tons and they are known by the locals from Williamsburg, Virginia as the “Founding Fathers”.

Apparently, the sculptures were transported in the stranded area as a temporary measure after a large-scale theme park inaugurated more than a decade ago closed its gates.

Inaugurated in 2004, the Park of Presidents didn’t enjoy success and after less than a year, the leading board declared bankruptcy.

Six years later, the investors from the Park of Presidents decided to auction the land.

In order to do that, they were forced to get rid of everything, and the busts proved to be the least of their worries.

The hole in the investor’s budget was worth more than $10 million, the same amount they paid when they placed the orders for the busts.

Once the land was auctioned, the sculptures had to disappear

Howard Hawkins, a local farmer who worked at the theme park appeared in the equation.

The man has agreed to “adopt” the busts of the US presidents, transporting them to his farm, Atlas Obscura.

Years have passed and the situation of these busts is still uncertain, while a crowd funding campaign is struggling to raise enough funds to relocate the statues in a location where they could be admired and appreciated by everyone.