Antonella Roccuzzo Messi

While everyone was 100% convinced that Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo started dating when they were adolescents, one of the wag’s close relatives revealed the stunner was also romantically linked with another mystery man for a brief period.

According to the source, Antonella and Messi know themselves since they were 10 years old but, in reality, their romance began in 2007.



“We got together to celebrate the Friendship Day on July 20th. It was then when I found out that she and Leo are together. At one point she pulled out a very expensive phone that Leo got her. She did not say anything else, but we all figured out the two are dating”, revealed Antonella’s relative.



In 2000 Messi and his family made the move to Spain so he could pursue his career at FC Barcelona.

Shortly after he made the transition, he and Antonella started texting, while his wife was also dating someone else.

After a few years, Antonella decided to break up with her ex and went looking for Leo.



The former boyfriend revealed for a local newspaper that Antonella left him and the separation took a real toll on him: “She left me, but at least she did not leave me for any guy on the street. She left me for Messi.”