battery life

A new compound used in the process of producing cell phone batteries will significantly increase its life cycle, informs ThrilList.

These days, smartphones are “smarter” than ever and tech companies from all around the world literally battle to reach perfection in terms of launching these devices.

The only impediment that stays in the way of reaching this goal is the limited battery life.

According to the tech publication, things are about to change and we will soon live in a world where smartphones only need to be recharged every few months.

A group of researchers from the University of Michigan and Cornell developed this special material known in their group as “magnetoelectric multiferroic”.

The material sounds really promising and it’s also environment-friendly.

Magnetoelectric Multiferroic will allow computers to operate by only using a few electricity impulses instead of a steady stream.

Furthermore, devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones will require 100 less electrical power in order to operate and a single charging session will last for months.

ThrillList writes that one of the managers of the project wants to study this breakthrough at least 10 more years from now before coming to light with something extraordinary.

If this experiment succeeds and I personally don’t see why not, a fully iPhone charged battery could last up to three months.