BMW i8

BMW i8 is certainly the most popular and eccentric ever released by a premiere car maker and to top it all, BMW will soon launch a convertible edition of the BMW i8 Roadster.

The “electric cars” frenzy has taken over and more and more car manufacturers are competing to launch models more innovative than the other.

According to experts, the phenomenon is similar to the one that occurred a decade ago in the tech industry, where companies like Apple and Samsung became more determined than ever to come up with the most intricate smart watches.

When it comes to BMW, the Bavarians started to invest in this department 10 years ago and now they are reaping their rich harvest.

According to the last report published by Autoblog, BMW has invested no less than 5.5 billion euros in the process of improving and producing electric and hybrid cars.

Moreover, BMW tried to streamline the production process in order to adapt to certain market requirements.

The BMWs are so serious when it comes to the electric car market that even though they gave up the BMW I5 electric, they have already announced that we will soon launch a BMW 3 Series with the same propulsion.

The BMW i8 Roadster it’s actually a concept developed by BMW years ago and one of the versions was launched online for the first time in 2012.

As specifications, they will most likely be equipped with the standard 357 horsepower engine.

In terms of availability, the super car will hit the market in 2019.