Alessio Romagnoli from AC Milan and Marcos Llorente from Real Madrid discovered on Saturday their Instagram accounts were hacked

Besides the fact, their passwords were changed (obviously), the Iraqi hackers changed their profile pictures and posted a series of weird messages on their behalf.



The cyber bullies used different usernames, including Mahmood Jumaa, Grupo Turbo Iraq, and Taha Yas and after hacking the footballers’ pages, they changed their profile pictures with photos of their national flag and they also invited Llorente and Romagnoli’s fans to follow their personal accounts, including the ones on Snapchat.

Most images included the caption: “Allah is only one”.


AC Milan’s player was the most spot-on and right after he discovered the hacking, the footballer published a warning on his Facebook page.

“Unfortunately, my Instagram page was hacked. Everything you see on Instagram right now it’s not related to my persona.

I am trying to solve the situation”, wrote Romagnoli.


The mission of recovering his Instagram was solved within three hours.

“The hackers were defeated. We are back on Instagram”, added the Italian that same day.

Regarding his pal, Marcos Llorente, the Madrid-born athlete labeled the entire situation as “funny”.

“This was my face when I found out my profile was hacked. Fortunately, we vanished them”, wrote the Real Madrid midfielder.