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The classified agreements between Moscow and a new US administration became a tradition

Only a few know that the late John F. Kennedy negotiated with the Soviets in order to avoid a war between the world’s most powerful countries, writes American historian Tim Naftali.

While Donald Trump is being condemned, JFK, US’ 35th president resorted to the same strategy, but in a different manner than Trump’s team writes slate.fr.

It was December when a special agent from Moscow came to the United Stated and worked as started working as an undercover journalist for Izvestia.

The Russian’s mission was simple: he had to meet up with JFK’s main advisor and to report back

According to his report, the American official expressed his optimism regarding the process of improving the relationship between Moscow and Washington, which was the total opposite of what has been stated by the former White House administration.

The classified meeting took place in 1960 and the “chief counselor” was none other than John’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy, revealed the history profess from New York.

Only after JFK’s election, diplomats and Moscow agents began to address separately to the president’s team in order to understand the intentions of the new leader.

Although the Kennedy brothers were novices when it came to presidential affairs, they were not impressed by the Soviet’s attitude.

The elected president did not promise to attend a high-level meeting with his Soviet counterpart, but he didn’t eliminate the possibility either.