force North Korea

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley revealed at the beginning of this week that America is ready to use its incredible military arsenal to end the nuclear programs conducted by the leader from Pyongyang.

Haley mentioned the White House would prefer a more diplomatic approach but if it’s required, they will use force, especially after Kim Jong-Un defied their last warnings.

The most recent nuclear test, when the last missile was about to reach Alaska, Haley told the UN Security Council North Korea’s actions “quickly shut down any possibility of approaching a diplomatic solution”, and her nation is ready to defend itself, exactly like their allies (especially South Korea and Japan).

“One of our most powerful capacities is our military force. We are prepared to use force if necessary but we would prefer to not go in that direction”, the ambassador has stated.

The Pentagon director James Mattis pinpointed that US’ “firm commitment” to defending Japan means spreading America’s “deterrent force with a wide range of US abilities”.

The promise was made during a phone conversation with Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada when Mattis approached the topic of Pyongyang latest nuclear test.

The North Korean regime successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday morning, and the analysts believe the new rocket is powerful enough to hit Alaska and Hawaii.

This test was classified by the global organizations as a direct threat to President Donald Trump, who promised to solve the “North Korean issue”.

Haley explained that the Americans will suggest a series of international sanctions fo the North Korean regime and warned that “we will go our own way” if the actions are not backed by Russia and China.