Julio Iglesias lovechild

A law firm from Seville proved that one of their clients is, in fact, the illegitimate son of Julio Iglesias

According to the Spanish press, the lab that conducted the paternity test revealed the results are 99.9% positive and the 40-year-old man is, indeed, Julio Iglesias’ lovechild.

Enrique’s half-brother is 40-years-old and he lives in Valencia

Sources inside the law firm have confirmed the man is struggling for years to obtain the singer’s recognition, an attempt that failed due to various procedural shortcomings.

According to the Spaniard, his mother and the legendary artist had a brief relationship which ended up with her being pregnant.

Iglesias’ lovechild had the courage to initiate a lawsuit after his mother’s passing, especially because the Article 39 from Spain’s Constitution encourages the ones who wish to find out who their real parents are.

The DNA test was conducted by a lab from Miami and its result will be included in the next court hearing.

Julio Iglesias, born September 23, 1943, began his career in 1968 and has so far released 60 studio albums that were sold in more than 300 million copies worldwide.

He was rewarded with a Grammy Award in 1988 and collaborated with Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, and Luciano Pavarotti.

From his first marriage with Isabel Preysler, he has three children: Chabeli Iglesias (September 3, 1971), Julio Iglesias Jr. (February 25, 1973), and Enrique Iglesias (May 8, 1975).

After the second marriage with Miranda Rijnsburger, Iglesias welcomed five children: Miguel Alejandro Iglesias (September 7, 1997), Rodrigo Iglesias (3 April 1999), Cristina and Victoria Iglesias (May 1, 2001) and Guillermo Iglesias May 2007).