Roswell incident

One of the world’s most bizarre events took place on the night of 2nd July 1947, a date known in history as the “Roswell incident”

Although more than 70 years have passed, the Roswell incident still fascinates everyone.

The skeptics are convinced the unidentified objects was not a UFO while the other camp is 100% convinced the Roswell incident was, in fact, the collapsing of a real UFO.

In 1947, a strong light surfaced on the sky, blinding the Roswell locals

Members of the US Army rushed to the scene and discovered in the desert of New Mexico the remnants of an extraterrestrial ship or the first and only UFO recognized by an authority in the field.

Jesse Marcel is one of the soldiers who studied the unidentified remains.

In 2010, his son, Jesse Marcel Jr., revealed for BBC numerous intriguing details about the so-called “Roswell incident.”

Jesse Marcel Jr. was 11 years old when his father brought home the materials found in the desert.

“The remnants were like foils, like aluminum foil. They were marked with some strange symbols.

I originally thought they were Egyptian hieroglyphs, but they looked like geometric figures: triangles, circles, squares and dots”, added Marcel.

The pieces of metal were like “metals with memory” if you would’ve touched them, they were changing shapes.

The US Army officially acknowledged that it was an unidentified flying object only to change its verdict in a few days and to announce that it was actually a collapsed meteorological balloon and not a UFO.

Four years after he gave the interviews, Jesse Marcel Jr. passed away.