Skype Snapchat

Facebook has done a very good job porting the Snapchat elements into the Messenger and Instagram.

However, when it comes to Skype… we can’t say that we feel the same

If you know something about the evolution of messaging services, the main concept is pretty simple: each one of these chatting services borrows elements from the competition.

There are no longer any original features, just more elaborate implementations of the same characteristics.

However, some companies who adopt the same strategy, they end scoring a major failure.

After all, users love to check new stuff from once in a while but the radical makeover of Skype is totally opposite with our expectations.

Unfortunately, it seems that this happened to Skype

The latest version of the popular chat application has recently been reinvented to a whole another level.

From many points of view, it has nothing in common with the programs used by our aunts from abroad to socialize with their relatives.

Snapchat’s elements are obvious, but the way they were implemented shows that its creators have done a great job in alienating users.

In an attempt to create a modern and hip application, Microsoft turned Skype’s makeover into a recipe for disaster.

At least, this is the first impression if you end up reading the reviews and now, one of the world’s most popular chat applications has about 1.5 stars on the AppStore almost two stars on Google Play.

The overall tone of the reviews is that the app has become terrible and this is the most horrible update ever released.