The poor woman was vacationing in Yunnan when she decided to check a local jewelry store

According to BBC, the pop-up was selling only jade pieces, including some very expensive bracelets.

The Chinese tried one of the bracelets, but when she decided to take it off, it wouldn’t come off.

After she finally managed to take off the accessory, the 40.000 euros bracelet falls on the floor and breaks in two.

Worried that she will become forced to pay up, the woman suffered a panic attack and after a few minutes, she collapsed on the floor.

The staff tried to calm her down and told that if she pays only 22.000 euros everything will be ok.

Considering the Chinese doesn’t afford to repay more than 1.200 euros, the case will now be debated by a judge.

Jade is a natural mineral with a fascinating history in China because minerals are the most characteristic component of the traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that jade can protect you from evil and keep you young and beautiful. Jade brings joy and longevity if it is worn or used often.

This stone, with a discreet, but gentle, gloss, comes in green, white, gray, yellow, orange, and a delicate purple.

More than 5000 years ago, jade was known in China as “yu” or the “royal stone.”

In the history of the great Chinese Empire, Jade always had a special significance and is considered more valuable than diamonds or gold.

China used jade not only for art objects and statues but also for funeral monuments.