It’s extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, to abstain from eating when all your senses are put to the test with exotic flavors and delicious culinary combinations, which become more appetizing when you’re enjoying a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Here are 10 ways to protect your body and health when you are staying in an all-inclusive resort

Create a meal and resting plan and stick to it!

Nothing harms the body more than a chaotic program. Respect your main meals, introduce snacks at regular intervals and enjoy at least seven hours of quality sleep every night.

It’s the best way to keep away the cravings and to avoid unhealthy culinary temptations at inappropriate hours.

Ask the waiters or chefs what are the healthiest dishes, prepared without frying, without fat and excess sugar.

Avoid everything fried and if you do not have any healthy meals on your menu, challenge the cooking staff to make something simple, tasty and fast, from simple ingredients.

Avoid the sauces and dressings: they are always hyper-caloric, even if they are prepared by skilled chefs because they have oil and mayonnaise.

Chose platters that do not contain sauces and choose whatever you want.

Always choose vegetables as a garnish instead of rice, pasta, potatoes or bread.

Mix them with fish, seafood, and grilled meat, with lots of salad.

Avoid peppers and salty snacks available everywhere (hazelnuts, sticks, chips, etc.). Drink plenty of water to keep the feeling of satiety and your appetite under control.

Do not overdose with alcohol: contains many calories and stimulates appetite.