Beyonce Jay-Z twins

The work of a Muslim poet from the 13th century inspired Beyonce and Jay-Z when it came to choosing names for their newborn twins

Although shortly after Bey has given birth, several tabloids wrote something about the babies were named Shawn and Bea, apparently TMZ contradicts the information with official documents.

According to TMZ, Sir and Rumi Carter are the new members of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s family, after the paper obtained the official documents from a PR company the singer is collaborating with for years now.

The papers didn’t include the significance behind the unique names but after the rapper demanded the names to trademarked just like in Blue Ivy’s case, a massive debate was triggered in media.

Rumi would be a tribute to Persian spiritual mentor, scientist, theologian and poet Jalal al-Din Rumi, one of the creators of The Order of the Rotating Dervishes.

A mystic and romantic poet, in most of his work, Rumi talks about spirituality based on beauty, art, music, dance, and, of course, love.

Sir, on the other hand, would refer to one of Rumi’s poems.

Jalal al-Din Rumi became a true source of inspiration for the Hollywood A-listers

According to some rumors, Oscar-winning writer/producer David Franzoni is currently working on a scenario for a movie based on Rumi’s life.

Madonna and Chris Martin also revealed Rumi’s poems represented, at one point, their main source of inspiration.