Google robots

Robots that write accurate and readable news are still something that we dream about, but a funding from Google might change the situation, experts claim.

Google agreed to fund a rather interesting project based on artificial intelligence.

The Press Association, a UK news agency, has received about $807,000 as their third round of funding for a project initiated by the Silicon Valley- based company, entitled the Digital News Initiative.

The Press Association’s project is known as RADAR, or Reporters and Data and Robots, a news site where people use artificial intelligence to create thousands of interesting stories every day.

RADAR appears was labeled by Google as this major deal and its main goal is to create a ready-made news stream for other smaller profile sites.

RADAR will use a combination of editorial expertise and automation, applied to a large flow of free data.

Thus, the system will provide a significant improvement of the digital news ecosystem.

This, in turn, should stimulate the local media industry, especially at a time when budgets are at a limit, but where the public’s interest in news is higher than ever.

Naturally, this does not mean that journalists will be out of work, and that’s what Pete Clifton is talking about in Press Association.

He said in an interview with the BBC that artificial intelligence would not make journalists irrelevant.

According to him, the RADAR system will offer the possibility of covering a huge volume of news that would otherwise be overlooked, writes