Antarctica glacier

A glacier about the same size as a small county just broke from Antarctica, following a process that lasted for several months.

NASA has recently confirmed that it has separated from Antarctica after it’s closely supervised by researchers.

They turned their attention to the glacier after they discovered a crack that reached approximately 195 kilometers.

On July 6, satellite data showed that only 4.5 kilometers of ice were still holding the iceberg attached to the rest of the strip.

The glacier that broke from Antarctica has a surface area that measures 6.400 square kilometers, a size comparable to a small county.

Although the size is impressive, the new glacier represents 12% of the Larsen C strip’s total size.

The Larsen C strip is the fourth Antarctic ice strip with a surface area of ​​approximately 52.000 square kilometers.

Professor Adrian Luckman revealed researchers have very different opinions about the future of the strip, because if other pieces like this one break it may not grow back.

As for the newly formed iceberg, it will break into pieces over time, and some fragments may remain in the area for several decades, while others will float to warmer areas and melt, write The Verge.

Dr. Martin O’Leary says the event is natural and not related to people’s climate change.