cattle chocolate

A farm owner from Australia is feeding his cows with chocolate, candies, and biscuits in order to make their meat “tastier”.

Mayura Station is this cute little farm situated between Melbourne and Adelaide, near the Gambier Mount.

The most famous culinary product exported from this region is the Wagyu beef, which comes from the cattle fed with an unusual blend of sweets: chocolate, candies, and biscuits.

The Mayura farm was founded in 1845, but today only 20 people work on the entire property that measures over 3.000 hectares.

“Wagyu” is translated as “Japanese beef”.

The Mayura Station cattle were brought from Shogo Takeda, the most important Japanese breeder, with more than 50 years of experience in the field and they are 100% Wagyu.

The difference between a regular cow and a Wagyu is that in the last two months of life, the Mayura cattle are fed with 2 kilograms of chocolate, biscuits, and candies every single day.

The mix of sweets comes from recently expired or rejected batches by the factories, including Cadbury.

Over 70% of the fodder the cattle consumes is this a mixture of wheat, hay, rye, and corn.

“When I started feeding the cattle with this, people said <<the beef from you has a special taste, we like it>>”, said owner Scott de Bruin for CNN.

“I always thought this was because of the region we were in, or because people did not try an authentic Wagyu. (…) Both aspects have a huge contribution in terms of taste, but the mix of sweets has undoubtedly the biggest one. The cattle adore it. ”

When the cows are being fed with this mixture, they stop growing and they are no longer gaining weight, so the feeding process is continued only for the unique flavor.