Donald Trump Twitter

A group of representatives from the Knight First Amendment Institute filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump on behalf of seven plaintiffs who have been blocked on Twitter by the Republican billionaire, writes BBC News.

During the last three decades, the billionaire became the target of nearly 4.000 trials, many of them still under way.

Trump is a passionate user of the famous social platform, promoting his allies and criticizing his opponents with every single occasion.

Recently, a presidential spokesman explained that Donald Trump’s posts on Twitter might be labeled as official statements, so he might want to think twice before posting something outrageous.

That’s exactly why the Knight First Amendment Institute – a group from Columbia University – has filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven people who have been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump.

The seven plaintiffs claim they were blocked by the president or his counselors after critically or ironically responding to Trump’s Twitter posts.

Now, they are not able to see or respond to any of the president’s future posts.

The complaint argues that by blocking private individuals, the American president is refusing their right to participate in an online conversation.

The Knight First Amendment Institute also claims that it is an attempt to suppress dissent voices in a public forum, a violation of the First Amendment.

Sean Spicer, as well as social media director Daniel Scavino, are also involved in the lawsuit.

Currently, @realDonaldTrump has 33.7 million followers, while his official website @POTUS has 19.3 million followers on Twitter.