Securitas Goransson

The general manager from Securitas, the best security services company in Sweden, Alf Goransson, has been declared its bankruptcy this week after his identity was stolen by hackers, writes Bloomberg.

Although some subliminal implications cannot be ignored, Securitas hopes the incident will be forgotten as soon as possible.

Alf Goransson became a general manager in 2007 and appealed against decision adopted by the Stockholm district court on July 10th by claiming the verdict was pronounced by analyzing false information, revealed the Swedish company.

The hacker has used the identity of the director to demand a loan whose value has not been disclosed, and, shortly after the demand was initiated, a bankruptcy petition has been filed on his behalf.

The major identity theft occurred in March, but Goransson only found out this week.

However, somehow the cyber-attack did not affect the company, Securitas spokesman Gisela Lindstrand said but the outrageous gesture itself raised major question marks about security, especially because we are talking about a country dominated by digitization.

Sweden is far ahead of other countries in terms of replacing cash with digital payments.

At the Abba Museum, for example, tourists are not allowed to pay anything in cash.

Goransson’s case is one of the 12.800 cases that involved identity thefts generated by massive cyber- attacks and we are referring to Sweden and 2017.

Goransson found out about the entire scandal only after the court pronounced the final decision.