Valyrian Duolingo

The popular language learning application, Duolingo, will soon offer Valyrian lessons, the same language spoken by Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

Until recently, the unusual dialect was in a period of development but now has an official release date.

The application’s update comes with a message from linguistic specialist David J Peterson’s.

The expert mentions the words “Valyrio Mazis”, which can be translated as “Valyriana Coming Soon”.

Meanwhile, a Duolingo official confirmed the launching date of the Valyrian course is July 13.

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) is the descendant character of the Valyria land and the only one who uses the pure dialect in the series.

Other characters speak an altered version of the fictional dialect

The creator of the fictional language, David Peterson, created everything from scratch, building the grammar of the language around two expressions used by George RR Martin in his books: “Valar Morghulis (all men must die)” and “Valar Dohaeris (all men must serve)”.

He said that some fans of the Game of Thrones are so avid and affectionate that they have already learned the fictional language without consulting Duolingo. They even send him tweets during the episodes to correct some of the lines.

With Valyrian being included in the Duolingo language list, we will soon have the first official language course for a fictional dialect.

Until now, you could find online dictionaries created by fans, but none of them had Peterson’s “blessing”.

In addition to the Valyrian dictionaries, there is also a one-year online course offered by the Living Language site, where you can learn Dothraki, another dialect also create by Peterson.